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what freedoms do americans have - Government and Politics

what freedoms do american citizins have?


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3 Answers

Americans have the freedom to protect themselves form a violent force against the would. Its geologecal area of operation is not the concern. What is concern is it's influence, its financies, and its actions against friendly forces.

We have a duty as the most powerful nation in the world, to protect the weaker nations against terroisim, and the bullies of the world.

Bad men only become stronger when good men do nothing.

Bob Nappe, police officer, spent 1 year in Iraq, 2004-2005, training Iraqi police.


We, as Americans, have the freedoms to :

  • Freedom of the Press
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of Assembly
  • Freedom of Religion
  • Freedom of Petition
  • The Right to Bear Arms
  • "No-Quartering" Right
  • Right to Own Private Property
  • And many others such as the freedom to travel and the freedom to marry
We legally have all the freedoms in the constitution, read it!  However certain administrations since the 50's have been whitteling away at our freedoms....ask an oldster, and you will get an ear full!  And if you wonder why us old farts are sad, that's it; they are trying to throw out the constitution and fundamentally change the country and we have been watching for years and are powerless to change it.  VOTE!!!!  But be cautious who you chose to vote for, study their past actions  and how they act, and what they say.  There are very few true patriouts in the congress, if there had been they would not have let us get to the situation we are in now.  TERM LIMITS!!!


God bless our toops, GOD COUNTRY FAMILY had always been their motto, I hope it still is.....I always got chills on base when the Flag was raised or lowered......very sad old lady
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