Is Common Core good for the future of education in the U.S.?
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9 Answers

I think Common Core is the worst thing to happen to education since algebra.  I mean seriously.  My third grader brings home her homework and it is impossible for me to help her because of the new things she's learning.  TERRIBLE!!

I hear that Common Core will likely cause many outstanding teachers to leave teaching!  And with such low salaries, will there really be enough good quality teachers to teach our children.  I say get rid of it!! 

Common core is horrible. It takes something simple and turns it into something horribly complicated.  Other countries have used this type of 'education' before and it has only hurt them, not promoted growth!
NO!  Common Core will only prepare our children for community college.  It will not teach them pre college courses in STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics.  It started out with good intentions but in the end a couple of college professors would not sign off on it.

This will put our children two terms behind children in other countries.

Bill Gates is creating software to track the children and their families and it can be sold to other parties.
In my opinion, any time you try to group everyone together and give them all the same expectations and things to learn there are people not being challenged to their potential and those who are struggling to get by.  As a child were you ever told that 'everyone is different', 'everyone is special in their own way', ect.?  We should take this truth and apply it to our education system, In order to have every student reach their full potential, we should break it down and organize it on an individual level, without blanket expectations and curriculums.
Common is basically nothing more than OBE, which failed! Education needs to be given back to educators in order to improve academic standards.  It has gone downhill since the Reagan era and Bill Bennett was named in charge of education. He was not an educator, in fact was strongly in favor of eliminating the Department of Education!

Common Core is a gimmick designed to dumb down our youth, make true education fail, and further promote having taxpayer dollars pay private concerns. Imagine the taxpayers howling if they were informed their tax dollars by the CEO of K-12 over $10,000,000.00 annually.
I REMEMBER THE "NEW MATH'' it did a good job of dumbing down a lot of kids. Common core is just another method of dumbing down more kids. Get rid of it NOW! And get the unions out of our schools. They drive up the cost of education and dumb down the kids.
Absolutely NOT!
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