With recent events surrounding the VA scandal is it really in our best interest to put the majority of healthcare decisions in the hands of the federal government?
asked May 23, 2014 by Goverment&Politics (920 points)

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7 Answers

Do we really trust the government to make our healthcare decisions?  There are over 300 million Americans. How in the world can this incompetent government run our healthcare system!  What is happening at the VA scares the **** out of me!

answered May 23, 2014 by anonymous
Just wait until you are 65 and you find out that the best **** thing the Democrats did for this country is to pass Society Security and Medicare. The are the most effective and efficient retirement and health care systems in the world and operate at a very low cost
( around 3%).  The government is not running our health care...but big greddy do nothing insurance companies and big pharma are.  Hence the reason for the Affordable Health Care. Millions of us thank the President and the Democrats for passing the ACA. Millions will get the health care they need, young adults are/can be insured under their parents, senior citizens can now all get flu, pneumonia shots and screenings that will/are helping to keep them alive and healthy longer, Millions who work everyday, but work in places that don't offer health care can not afford to buy it.  AND THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL..SOON NO ONE WILL HAVE TO LOOSE THEIR HOMES AND EVERYTHING THEY OWN SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY GO CANCER AND  THE INSURANCE COMPANY THEY PAID HIGH PREMIUMS TO FOR YEARS, BROKE THEIR SIDE OF THE CONTRACT AND CUT THEM OFF.
Also..the problem with the VA..the do nothing congress this past 10 years refuses to fund the VA and support school loans for doctors and nurses, so they will go into the millitary that has been extremely underfunded for 30 years.
When the do nothing congress says they support the soldiers...THE LIE ..THEY SUPPORT THEIR POCKETS.



answered May 26, 2014 by anonymous
I'm a Registered Nurse ( mostly Operating Room ). THE AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE LAW HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE VA HEALTH SYSTEM.  The real problem is that the "do nothing congress " refuses to support education. We need to offer very low interest rates for those wanting to go into the medical field and into nursing. If  we give a free quality education in order to train new doctors and nurses and pay them better and require them to stay in the milllitary for 4 yrs after...thousands would go into the millitary.Thus giving more care and most importantly better care. These low interest school loans would also allow thousands to go in the medical field and become civilian doctors and nurses.

We rank around 33 in the world in quality health care. We do rank high in the world in Trauma care," but the problem with this ..most health care is not trauma related. However in the millitary a lot of health care is trauma related,  either directly, or indirectly. There are some VA hospitals that are state of the art, but most are old and outdated and very underfunded and understaffed. WHY....SIMPLY BECAUSE THE DO NOTHING CONGRESS JUST LOVES TO TELL THEIR BASE HOW MUCH THEY LOVE OUR SOLDIERS, BUT THE TRUTH IS THEY REALLY DON'T CARE, OR WE WOULDN'T HAVE MANY VA HOSPITALS WITH SECRET LISTS OF SOLDIERS WAITING FOR HEALTH CARE. THE PROBLEM ISN'T THE VA..IT ALL COMES BACK TO THE DO NOTHING CONGRESS.

Let's get this out front and straight...The US Health care system is not the best in the world. Is the least effective and the most expensive because we stupidly allow the greedy insurance companies to rob us everyday and give very little in return. We treat disease and illnesses, instead of preventing them. This makes it most profitable for big insurance and big pharma. They really want you sick and unhealthy, so they can make money off of you..You are a mere commodity for them.

Why does anyone in this country think we all, each and everyone of us, don't deserve quality health care, Why do the dummies in this country think we don't deserve clean air to breath and drink clean water that is not laden with toxic chemicals. Why do dummies in this  country support and vote for greddy politicians that keep telling you that the stockholders and owners of the companies deserve to make billions of dollars to pollute and ruin this earth, while you get sick, can't breath, or die from cancer caused by chemicals in our water, air and food.

What is worng with you people. You vote and support against your own best interest. I'm not afraid of foreign terrorists, but I am afraid of corporate and Washington DC terrorist who are fast stealing away our health, clean air, clean water and food that is not toxic. They are bought and paid for by big business.

Just to clear this up for the undereducated on current events..  the Affordable Health Care is not a government insurance plan. Every company that is signed up to offer insurance is a private insurance company. The Affordable health care set's up guide lines tha the insurance companies have to follow in order to be a part of the Health Care Act. The biggest and the best is .........no insurance company can refuse to pay for any of your health care because of the amount it cost and many other health benefits that would help to keep you on a healthy path.
answered Jun 4, 2014 by anonymous
Yes, the ACA has nothing to do with the problems at the VA.

The problem with "Obamacare" is that it does not go far enough. We need a single payer Medical system that incorporates all Americans, (including veterans )

All Americans would pay into the Health System. Employer should not be expected to carry the expense of covering their employees. Basic health care, dental, eye care and mental health care should be nationalized.

The private health insurance industry can provide supplimental policies, but everyone should be covered with a basic program paid by all of us through taxes. We must increase tax on incomes over 250K to 75% and 90% on incomes over 500K.

Tax rate for small business and income below 50K should be reduced to 10% and no taxes on income below 20K
answered Jul 25, 2014 by Nick Papadakis
Of course it is.  What does the VA scandal have to do with people being able to obtain affordable health insurance?
answered Aug 5, 2014 by dr.pepper106 (16,380 points)
This government of ours has turned into a frigging monster wanting to take over and control every area of our lives.  It needs to be stopped and backed up.  This government is so corrupt.  I don't know what happened but, when Obama became president it was like the entire government (in every division and level) just decided that it was open season for corruption and to  ****  with the people and doing what is right.  All morals, ethics, and honesty went straight out of the window on the whole system.  Evil just plain took over.  It's time we put a stop to it and Fire Them ALL and start over with new candidates.  The system has been corrupted and they have allowed our own enemies to be in our government and dictate to us what they want done.  This is just so scary!  We are in some deep deep trouble!   I will not let them put that chip in me that goes with the government control connected to this "ObamaCare".   I is a way to sneek this stuff in on us and decide who lives or dies and who gets help or not and when.  If it was so great then, all the government and the muslims wouldn't all be allowed to not be forced into it....while, everyone else regardless of their stand or beliefs are forced into it or fined.  I will die from my illness before I let them put the mark of the beast in me.  I will decide how I die, not some evil corrupted government that just sees us as a number or "unit" as they call us in that thing.
answered Sep 16, 2014 by HonestBetty (300 points)
So now that the republicans are against it before they were for it, you too are now against it. But, will you be for it if they flip again on it? Keep in mind that the ACA is a republican hatched baby.

It never was. It was designed to get more money for BO's golf games and reduce medical care. Like everything Obama, it was sold on lies.
answered Sep 21, 2014 by Korny
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