If so shouldnt it state the place, persons, and/or specific articles to be seized?
asked Dec 14, 2013 by anonymous

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2 Answers

  In my experience, the police will do anything they wish, regardless of any warrant, even when they know very well you are not home!   Yes!  They will even break-in to do as they wish!   67 years old, I know this for a fact!  They broke into my home and stole a 22 rifle, violating the 2 amendment in the process. 

answered May 16, 2014 by anonymous
The law used to say that police had to wait for a warrant to enter a dwelling.  On the warrant it had to state where they were looking and for what purpose.

Due to the Patriot Act Police now have the additional right to enter and search the home of anyone they are concerned is a terrorist.  Phone taps can be put on their phones. They can be brought in and held without being read their rights or their charges and be kept for as long as the US Government requires. Their email can be read and their time on the internet can be observed.  The impetus the police needs to start this is an accusation by a US citizen that the suspect is a terrorist.

In addition, police can stop anyone they see who they suspect may be a terrorist, at which point see paragraph 2.  Search points have been put out at major border crossings into Canada and Mexico and all international travel requires two forms of identification.

If a citizen is stopped on the street and cannot produce either his birth certificate and driver's license; or a passport and his drivers license, he is automatically considered a terrorist and see paragraph 2.  I have a condition that makes it impossible for me to drive.  That means I do not have a drivers license. Read the previous sentence.

This will keep us safer.......
answered Jul 4, 2014 by Susan Nihg Charthaig (340 points)
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