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Where is the overall economy headed? - Government and Politics
While it seems as though there have been some good signs for the economy recently, there are also signs of a slowdown.  Markets have been consistently down recently and jobless numbers are not improving fast enough if at all.  What are the long and near term prospect for the economy? Should we expect another recession?

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16 Answers

I would say that the outlook is for continued slow growth in the near term.  I am no expert but it seems like a lot of people companies are staying on the sidelines until after the elections.  The business environment very well make a turn in one direction or another depending on the results. There is also a lot of uncertainty about taxes and healthcare regulation which also seems to be preventing companies from hiring or expanding.  The results of the election will no doubt give at least some sense of clarity regardless of the outcome.  Problems in Europe and the Middle East could of course change the picture quickly and dramatically.
There is no job recovery unless all the Corporate Companies that took the jobs away are fined huge penalities and forced to bring the jobs back...President Obama is not the reason...It's all Romney types outsourcing
I don't understand how taking money away from business and giving it to government is a good idea.  Government is responsible for more waste fraud and abuse than any company ever would be.  Why not give business incentives instead of penalties?  Outsourcing is a result of all the taxes penalties and regulations.  More penalties, taxes and regulations will only lead to more companies leaving.  Government that is unfriendly to business does not encourage business.  The Obama philosophy is "You didn't build that, someone else did that."  The idea that government is can spend tax or penalize us to prosperity is very misguided. It is the wrong direction for America.  It is the road to socialism!
Obama said that when people were building their businesses, they had assistance in the form of roads being created to get people to their businesses, lighting of the roads, land being appropriated, business buildings being constructed, telecommunications, waste removal, and captial investment.  These are the things Obama meant that the business owners didn't "build" and he said it because they don't.  They "build" the business, not the building.
The people who build the business are also the ones paying to build the roads and lighting and utilities. Obama is just ignorant of how things work and he doesn't realize that our elected officials don't create anything. They just spend the money of those who do!!!!!
ALL taxpayers pay for superstructure - roads, bridges, etc, not just the ones who are building businesses.
You are absolutely correct and those tax payers work for those business owners or they couldn't pay the taxes that build infrastructure. So really that business owner created the tax opportunity.
The "reason" business people are not able to grow is because the Wall Street banksters are NOT lending so the economy fails under the Obama you really think MR Romney is going to help small business? Gimmee a brake...just try to get a line of credit for a business...or a loan for a house...the issue is Romney outsourced "millions" of jobs while he tounts the President with "where are the jobs" at the same time refuses to release his tax returns because he hides his wealth in offshore accounts to avoid paying his fair share of between the lines, the republican agenda is to bring this economy down in order the blame this President ....if Romney is elected, its doomsday for the 99%
Let's take this to another deeper level. . .why are banks not lending? That is their business.  It is how they make money.  Why would they not lend?  The biggest reason is uncertainty and risk.  Much of this risk is due to unknown costs associated with Obamacare, uncertainty about tax rates and government that is hostile toward business with excessive regulations.  First government tells banks they "must" make bad risky loans and not properly assess risk.  Then when they do as they are told, they are bailed out by tax payers and not penalized directly for their actions but blamed for the crisis.  They are also blamed for taking to much risk and subsequently regulated to death in the opposite direction.  Is it any wonder that they don't want to go back down the path of making risky loans of any kind?

If both republicans and democrats has both avoided fiddling with the system and instead letting it work as intended we would not be where we are now.  Set solid long term sensible rules that don’t change and punish those who break them i.e. no bailouts.  Allow banks to assess and take risk based on their understanding that improper risk assessment will result in real consequences.  Cheaters and irrisponsible banks will be eliminated from the system very quickly this way.  It seems simple.  Neither party seems to be interested in doing it for whatever reason.
A few other points, first, no evidence that Romney ever oversaw any outsourcing.  Second, the reason outsourcing is so common is because we have the highest corporate tax rate in the world in additional to numerous burdensome regulations. It is extremely expensive to do business here. Is it any wonder that smart business people take their business elsewhere? Outsourcing has become a dirty word for some reason.  If there are things that can be done better and cheaper in other places around the world that only moves to reduce the prices of our products domestically.  It also gives jobs to other human beings in other countries who would otherwise not have them.  Are we willing to completely denounce outsourcing if we have to double the price we pay for everyday items? Although I do not see outsourcing as the dirty word others seem to, if we want it to stop we should be focused on doing everything possible to create a climate that is favorable to all business, large, small and everything in between.
I dont know about you sir, but i happen to be a blue coller worker, born and raised in America. What does it take to pay bills as a blue coller worker in America?????? JOBS!!!!! Wny do you seem to be more concerned about workers in other countries than putting to work your own countrymen? Let their own people build companies and hire locally.....Like what should happen right here.....In good ole AMERICA!!!!!!!
Maybe it is not the jobs that need to meet the people but the people who need to meet the jobs. Our economy is changing and changing for good. We are no longer have a production economy we have a intellectual property and consumption economy.  Unfortunately social darwinism exists. Survival of the fittest. Those who can't adapt to the changing environment will be left behind.
can I receive benifits for health reasons?
The economy is headed in the same downward direction as the United States Congress.  Why does the registered public continue to return politicians to office for not doing their job.  "For the people and by the people", please explain this quote to Congress.  GOD save America because the politicians don't have a clue.
Please folks, we need to keep a few politicians to explain a new bill to all of us on monday to wednesday then we the people of the USA vote on our computers from thursday to sunday and then its LAW. REMEMBER its OUR COUNTRY not the lobbists!!!!
I guess by your reference to the Health care reform act as "Obamacare", you must not agree that this country is the only civilized country that does not offer it's citizens any healthcare whatsoever!! Thank God for the Democrates!! Romney did in fact outsourse millions of jobs and rants to President Obama "WHERE ARE THE JOBS?" Outsourcing has destroyed the middle class and it is a dirty word... Romney hides millions of dollars in offshore banks and Switzerland to avoid paying his fair share of much needed there something more you wanted to say about this corrupt Morman in his defence??? Oh, how about how he raised taxes by naming them "fees" while Gov. Of Mass? He was the worst Governor ever and now he brings his lies and deceit to the Presidental race? He is a busnessman and this country was never created to be a business.... May your consience be your guide when voting in Nov. No one will see your vote so you can just lie to your Republican friends and give President Obama the 4 more years needed to get the regulations back on track and stop this insanity... he was handed a depression from President Bush and **** Chaney...he has done all the right things and 4 more years is needed....not bringing the 1% back to continue their minipulation of our sacred bill of rights and constitution!!
Following this argument, It is hard to understand how you are okay with a tax being called a fee in Obamacare? Supreme court called the individual mandate in Obamacare a tax. Romney implemented a state based health care solution as Governor which many democrats agreed with.  Something like 99% of residents in MA are ensured as a result. It is not problem free but it is a state based solution that is closer to the people and not a federal monstrosity that will further bankrupt the country.  I am also offended by the reference to religion here. I don't believe that either side should criticize the religion or beliefs of the others.  I denounce all those in the GOP who would criticize Obama's faith.  This country stands for freedom of religion. Attacking other's faith is against everything we are about.  It has no place in this campaign on either side!
Following your premise. If it was a tax in "Obamacare" it was a tax in "Romneycare". The legislation is essentially the same. The same individual worked with both Romney and Obama and he said they are the same f*****g thing.
state vs. national government makes a big difference.
I have doubt about Mit Romney ability to turn economy around slow growth is actually solid growth.Deregulation caused economical meltdown in 1929 and 2008 its a fallicie and proven to be failed economical policy lazzez faire approach will destroy this countries prosperity.In our history lazzez faire capitilism was what we had in our infancy as a nation.The dispaportion of wealth and the poverty and homeless rate was out of control in the early 20th centruy we all heard of hoover village or shanty towns where the poor lived in huts biult of scrap material yes we were 3rd world and thats were we are headed with this exteme corporate cronoy capitalism will cause the end of our democracy capitlism.
its headed to the president of romney!!!
I want school 365days a year I think it would help alout better on rembering thing that you learned in the past grade.and my teatcher mrs.farmer thought so too.
I think Pueto Rico should NOT become a state.  We have enough low income people that we support that aren't american citizens, we don't need more.  Other countries won't let people move there unless they have a job or money to support themselves.  Until America gets its self out of debt and our people who were born and raised here are stable, we don't need to be helping others when all that is going to do is put us in a depression.
in the tolite..................thats were obama wants it he is here to bring us dowen....
you fools the republicans and dems.have been in bed together cense kennady was killed if you want change vote for independents or libaterans!!!!!!!!! the rep.and dems.want total power ........
we need free enterprize not more government  it needs to get out of privet industry other than setting a few rules and over seeing them..needs to stop ******** with it and playing favrits through subsadeys and bail outs...
Here is my cure for the economy.  Get a patch of dirt and grow your own food.  Plant fruit trees. Can your own food. Stop buying fast food and eat the food you grow.  Learn to make your own coffee instead of buying overpriced carryout coffee.

Stop buying extra things you do not need.  Learn to live with less.  How many big screen tv's do you need, how big does your house need to be?

Get a smaller house that uses less energy.  Put a sweater on when it is cold and stop burning so much oil and gas. Stop using air conditioning and spend time outdoors instead.

Turn off the power to items in your house you are not using.  Try to live within your means.

Get a wood burning stove or fireplace to heat your home.  Use less water.  Hang your laundry outside to dry.

If each of us learned to stop filling up our emotional holes with stuff then we would not be so worried about money because we would be spending less and learning to live with less.

Try to learn that having stuff does not make you happy.
The recipe by Chris Matthews to create jobs by again building Empire State buildings is irrelevant today. Then it took several thousand workers, most with a modest education. Today's buildings are built by hundreds, most competent to operate complex machinery. And many machines ce from Japan, Germany (tunnel borers), etc.  The steel likely comes from China.

The best source I know for economic predictions is :


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