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World War II Veteran's Almost Turned Away from World War II Memorial! - Government and Politics
Dear Bill,
I find it particularly offensive that our World War II Veteran's were almost turned away from our nation's World War II Memorial today due to the partial government shutdown! Many, many of our veterans had the first, and very likely, their last opportunity to visit the Memorial for the first time! Many were flown in by generous donations of Honor Flights. The result, the park was closed because the Democrats can't seem to get their act together!  Fortunately, there were some Congressman and Senator's there to open the gates to allow our hero's in to visit and reflect upon on one of the most difficult times in their lives!  The President should have been there personally to open the gate!
I then heard a reporter on Fox state that the Democrats said, "that this was yet merely another silly stunt!"  How dare they!  I find this to be a slap in the face to everyone of these hero's! Do they not know that we could all be speaking German right now? I seriously ask that you invite Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and/Harry Reid on to your show. But no,the president would probably be too busy playing golf and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi wouldn't dare do this! Last, Obama Care was just as well thought out as many of his other initiatives!

D. N. Loughlin

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2 Answers

In addition to everything you said which is truth, Obama refuses to approve the House bill which funds the Vets. He approved funding our military but not the Vets. The following is how he looks on the ilitary:

This needs to keep going.  If you don't believe it happened, just Google his name.
Our nation is under fire thanks to the current administration.  Did you see or hear this in the news?
Lt. Col Matthew Dooley, a West Point graduate and highly-decorated combat veteran, was an instructor at the Joint Forces Staff College at the National Defense University.  He had 19 years of service and experience, and was considered one of the most highly qualified military instructors on Radical Islam & Terrorism.
He taught military students about the situations they would encounter, how to react, about Islamic culture, traditions, and explained the mindset of Islamic extremists.  Passing down first hand knowledge and experience, and teaching courses that were suggested (and approved) by the the Joint Forces Staff College.  The course "Perspectives on Islam and Islamic Radicalism" - which was suggested and approved by the Joint Forces Staff College - caught the attention of several Islamic Groups, and they wanted to make an example of him.
They collectively wrote a letter expressing their outrage, and the Pro-Islamic Obama Administration was all too happy to assist.  The letter was passed to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Martin Dempsey.  Dempsey publicly degraded and reprimanded Dooley, and Dooley received a negative Officer Evaluation Report almost immediately (which he had aced for the past 5 years).  He was relieved of teaching duties, and his career has been red-flagged.
He had a brilliant career ahead of him.  Now, he has been flagged.
Richard Thompson, Thomas More Law Center
"All US Military Combatant Commands, Services, the National Guard Bureau, and Joint Chiefs are under Dempsey's Muslim Brotherhood-dictated order to ensure that henceforth, no US military course will ever again teach truth about Islam that the jihadist enemy finds offensive, or just too informative."
Former CIA agent Claire M. Lopez (about Lt. Col Dooley)
The Obama Administration has demonstrated lightning speed to dismiss Military brass that does not conform to its agenda, and not surprisingly, nobody is speaking up for Lt. Col. Dooley.

Look who's new Muslim Brotherhood in the white house!

Arif Alikhan
Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for the

U.S. Department of Homeland Security        

Mohammed Elibiary
Homeland Security Adviser
Rashad Hussain
Special Envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference(OIC)         

 Salam al-Marayati
Obama Adviser and founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council and is its current executive director       

 Imam Mohamed Magid-
Obama's Sharia Czar from the Islamic Society of North America

Eboo Patel-
Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships


In case you did not know, Obama is a  Moslem Marxist.






Really, stop listening to garbage on FOX and get your facts straight, the republicans defund vet bills send by democrats about 1.5 BILLION  cutting all kinds of programs to assist  the veterans, this is the context on wich such statement was made, how dare they shut the goverment for no reason ( they did plan this since 2010, just read the papers) and go to the memorial to take op pictures, A BUNCH OF THUGS.
No, you get your facts straight! The republicans will probably have to fold so you can still get your food stamps and Medicaid. This is a land of opportunity!  If one truly wants to succeed, then they will. Otherwise, we have funding for too many lay deads and this needs to stop!  This is what is killing our economy and taking money out of pockets like mine and I do not appreciate it!  Not allowing our World War II veterans to visit the Memorial and reflect on all of those they've seen lost in combat is an UTTER DISGRACE!  Thankfully, there were a select few the let them in. Do you not know that we all could be speaking German under a Communist regime right now had these people not fought so hard to give us the freedom that we have now. You must be a mere child and a democrat! But, this is certainly your choice. But just wait until you have to sign up for the ACA and watch how much this is going to cost you!  Remember, Obama does nothing but to try to appeal to the young people. So think about this, get your facts straight and quit watching CNN!
Finally, read the above!  Obama is an Islamic Marxist!
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