Is Systems, Cycles and Patterns Intelligent Design theory revelant today?

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5 Answers

This theory is revelant in relation to natural rhythms and recurring events related to 24 hour relations of living organisms on earth.
There are systems everywhere in nature which follow patterns and  repeat themselves and this new theory attempts to explain this.
The word "relevant" is applicable here. There is no such word as "revelant", sorry!
Maybe a new term "revealant" should be added to dictionaries.
SCPID theory claims that all natural systems will cycle to function and they act by moving around an area bounded by circular paths. These cycles or circular paths will finish at the point at which the course began . Life on Earth displays an endogenous, entrainable oscillation which is about 24 hours and cues such as daylight and dark are stimuli. Systems have clear patterns of built in self sustained and adjustable rhythms and in living things they can persist in the absence of external cues and they are entrainable to match the local time or reset by exposure to extrnal stimuli.
Processes of change by degrees in living organisms are caused by heritable instructions which are passed down from living sorts by patterned systems of the same forms according to the theory of SCPID. Diversity was on earth from the beginning and small adjustments in the optimal performance of each species was related to repetative variation between two or more different states and strong and weak movements from maximum to minimum values typically in time of some measure about central values allowing adjustments in performance for a work. SCPID claims natural systems will oscillate and run uninterrupted in on and off beats or start/stop cycles and they are the cause of all life on earth.
SCPID theory asserts that all life on Earth will follow patterns which are systematic in nature. An ordered recurrent alternation of strong and weak movements are characteristics of work/rest which brings things into form by gradual processes. All life operates to perform or achieve with labor or service and physical exertion is for a purpose or under compulsion or necessity. Systems throughout our Earth and universe also work in changing swings from work/rest values and they cycle by following a pattern which is a circuit that is recurrent.
Relevant information regarding how nature works through systems should be given with specifics here.
SCPID theory is astonishingly an actuality.
As long as Earth days remain 24 hours thereabouts this theory will never be overturned.
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