How can a society collapse as a result of corruption?

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5 Answers

Over sized government and debt are often the biggest causes for societal collapse. It has happened many times throughout history. Societies become wealthy and powerful but then government grows to large and cannot keep the promises it makes to it's people.  It is happening all over the world as we speak and could be coming to the United States sooner than we would like to believe.
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part of the problem is every one expects the corrupt to do something about corruption, this is why we are here in the first place. I am trying to organize a task force to dethrone our current government and completely reorganize, so we have a real time check and balance system. If interested email me.
Massive gross systematic corporate corruption in America today has reduced our average American worker to nothing more than a modern day peasant slave, with no civil or human rights, and no chance or hope for justice under the law, exsisting only to fatten the billion dollar wallets of the top execs of the tyrant king walmart.
You act as though we have no control over our own lives. This is still America, we have the freedom to live and create for ourselves. The only entity that has tried to take those freedoms away from us is government not corporate America.  It is only the weak who are swayed by thought that they must be receive equal pay without earning it.  Hard work and persistence will pay off in the end.  Ask the millions of small business owners in this country. They will tell you their success stories.  Many of them have a “rags to riches” kind of theme.  That is what American is all about.
The Aborting of African-American Children in Particular/Genocidal Racism! Institutionalized racism! The destruction of the Voting Rights Act for African Americans! Hurricane Katirna and like atrocities that are not aired! The Abuse of Children of Color Physically/Sexually!
Losing the trust of the people. This is the biggest down fall in my opinion. If you do not have peoples trust how can we advance as a civilization? The course of actions that our countries goverment takes, will have poitive/negitive reactions on all levels through out society. Maybe not the most important, but absolutly a huge problem is police violence against citizens. If this keeps going unadressed, there will be undesired consiqueces from both sides of the fence. If police are suppose to set an example, is what there doing all over the USA the example we follow?
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Congress  and staffwers given a pass on Obama care. While we pay for their cadillac plans. I thought a law is a law and applies to EVERYONE.
Agreed. Wasn't this supposed to be the "Affordable" health care act?
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