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Ask why Zimmerman did not identify himself to Trayvon or ask him who he was. - Government and Politics
I have watched from the beginning and have never heard why he didn't identify himself or ask Trayvon Martin who he was and what he was doing.  What was his job as neighborhood watch?  Never say anything and just shoot someone?
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4 Answers

I agree, Zimmerman should have handled the situation differently.  He should have listened to the 911 operator and never left his car. That being said, we don't really know exactly what happened. Nobody could prove that Trayvon wasn't the aggressor.  I believe the verdict was correct but it does not provide closure.
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You didn't answer my question.  Why didn't he tell him he was the neighborhood watch, even if he was following him...Just say whoa, I am the neighborhood watch and who are you?  The verdict was not right.
He should have been convicted of murder...that is what it was!!! So sad.
He was asked that question when he was at the police dept...they asked him why he didn't identify himself... he said he didn't have time bcuz Trayvon approached him too quickly and punched him!!  ** *I personal think it's a crock of s*** because he had ample time to yell out to him who he was!!  And I agree with you mshelton... no one ever proved that Trayvon was the aggressor!!  When he was on the phone ... his friend said she heard him say "Get off me!!" and Trayvon's cell dropped!!  I hope they convict Zimmerman for taking that young boy's life... He's guilty!!
I think this stand your ground law is the most rediculous thing I ever heard of.  Please get rid of govenors who uphold this law in 2014...Zimmerman was not even arrested after killing this poor boy, they say, because of this law.  I think otherwise, but that law sure didn't help.
A lot of emotion here without much rational thought
I am not sure that he had the chance to explain. If Martin was hiding in shrubs, his adrenalin was probably flowing pretty heavily in anticipation. When he sprung out, I am not sure that there was much time for any verbal communication. This whole situtation is ugly. No other word for it. In an Ugly situation, there is little time for rational thought and action.
For one thing, I think everything happened much more quickly than anyone of us could imagine. For another, if you are a neighborhood watch person and you see someone kind of ambling around and looking into windows, do you really want to identify yourself as someone this person might not want to answer to? For all Zimmerman knew, Martin could have had a gun. He didn't respond well to him as it was. He obviously hated white people. He didn't perceive Zimmerman as a threat, only a nuisance that he had to get rid of. If you read the transcript, Zimmerman did not keep following him. He said he lost sight of him. How do you keep following someone if you have lost sight of them?
Neighborhood watchers are suppose to observe at a distance, not strike up a conversation with a   suspect!  If Zimmerman was way-layed , as he testified , its imposible to discuss the matter with a fist in your mouth.ger
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